LCERPA's 2011 Working Papers are listed below.
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LCERPA Working Papers - 2011

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Schirle, T. "Income inequality among seniors in Canada: the role of women's labour market experience." LCERPA Working Paper No. 2011-01.

Burdekin, R.C.K., and P.L. Siklos. "Enter the dragon: interactions between Chinese, US, and Asia-Pacific equity markets, 1995-2010. LCERPA Working Paper No. 2011-02.

Siklos, P.L. "Central Bank Transparency: Another Look." LCERPA Working Paper No. 2011-03.

Ziss, S. "Equilibrium exclusive dealing in Oligopoly." LCERPA Working Paper No. 2011-05.

Essaji, A. and K. Fujiwara. "Contracting institutions and product quality." LCERPA Working Paper No. 2011-06.

Menner, M. "'Gesell' tax and efficiency of monetary exchange." LCERPA Working Paper NO. 2011-07. (Conference Paper, Zero Bound and New Directions for Monetary Policy.)