LCERPA's 2010 Working Papers are listed below.
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LCERPA Working Papers - 2010

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Oxoby, R.J. and W.G. Morrison. "Loss aversion and intertemporal choice: a laboratory investigation." LCERPA Working Paper No. 2010-01.

Lu, C., T. Tai-Leung Chong, and Wing Hong Chan. "Long memory in diamond market returns and volatility." LCERPA Working Paper No. 2010-02.

Essaji, A, and C. Neill. "Tax expenditures vs. budgetary expenditures for Canadian post-secondary education. LCERPA Working Paper no. 2010-03.

Valdes, V. Access to information, institutional capacity and inefficiency in the Mexican air transport sector. LCERPA Working Paper No. 2010-04.

The Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative Workshop Papers:

Anderson, W.P. The Windsor-Detroit crossing: issues in P3s when infrastructure crosses borders." LCERPA Working Paper No. 2010-05.

Blank, S. "Freight trucks, mitigating GHG emissions and the danger of incrementalism." LCERPA Working Paper NO. 2010-06.

Nguyen, T.T. and R.M. Wigle. "Sectoral and labour market impacts of border delays in Canada." LCERPA Working Paper No. 2010-07.

Lawson, J. "Surface freight environmental footprints in the Ontario-Quebec continental corridor: focus on emissions." LCERPA Working Paper No. 2010-08.

Chen, C. and F. Taham. "Reverse logistics networks with the gateway corridor components: a case of waste electrical and electronic equipment." LCERPA Working Paper No. 2010-09.

Haughton, M. "Towards effective inter-organization collaboration in trans-border supply chains." LCERPA Working Paper No. 2010-10.