LCERPA members offer expertise in a wide range of fields. On this page we provide information on our members' recent research and publications, including papers published as part of the LCERPA Working Paper Series.

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Published and forthcoming journal articles

Bohl, M., A. Klein, and P. Siklos. Forthcoming. A Markov Switching Approach to Herding. Credit and Capital Markets.

Bohl, M., P. Michaelis, and P. Siklos. 2016.Austerity and Recovery: Exchange Rate Regime Choice, Economic Growth and Financial Crises Economic Modelling 53 (February 2016): 195-207.

Boeringer, C., N. Rivers, T. Rutherford, and R. Wigle. Forthcoming. "Sharing the burden for climate change mitigation in the Canadian federation." Canadian Journal of Economics.

Filardo, A. and P. Siklos Prolonged Reserves Accumulation, Credit Booms, Asset Prices and Monetary Policy in Asia Emerging Markets Trade and Finance 52 (February 2016): 364-381.

Koebel, K. and T. Schirle. 2016. "The differential impact of universal child benefits on the labour supply of married and single mothers" Canadian Public Policy, March 2016.

Legree, S., T. Schirle and M. Skuterud. (Forthcoming) "The Effect of Labor Relations Laws on Unionization Rates within the Labor Force: Evidence from the Canadian Provinces" Industrial Relations.

Morrison, W.G. 2016. Product Bundling and Shared Information Goods: A Pricing Exercise Journal of Economic Education, 47(1), 49-63.

Pang, K. and P. Siklos. Forthcoming. Macroeconomic Consequences of the Real-Financial Nexus: Imbalances and Spillovers between China and the U.S. Journal of International Money and Finance.

Ruffle, B. J. and Y. Tobol. 2016. "Clever enough to tell the truth," Experimental Economics, (online March 2016) DOI:10.1007/s10683-016-9479-y.

Ruffle, B. J. and O. Volij. Forthcoming First-mover advantage in best-of series: an experimental comparison of role-assignment rules. International Journal of Game Theory, DOI: 10.1007/s00182-015-0493-7.

Published and forthcoming book chapters, books, and other publications

Chong, T, Wang, D, and W. Chan. Forthcoming Do Price Limits Increases Stock Market Volatility in China? Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting.

Claus, E. and I. Claus. (eds.) Forthcoming 2016. A collection of surveys on savings and wealth accumulation. United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons Limited.

Legree, S., T. Schirle, and M. Skuterud. 2016. Can Labour Relations Reform Reduce Wage Inequality? in Income Inequality: The Canadian Story, edited by David A. Green, W. Craig Riddell and France St-Hilaire, 399-434.

McCaig, B. and N. Pavcik. Forthcoming. Moving out of agriculture: Structural change in Vietnam in Structural change, fundamentals, and growth, eds. Margaret McMillan and Claudia Paz Sepulveda.

McCaig, B., M. McMillan, I. Verduzco, and K. Jefferis. Forthcoming. Stuck in the middle? Structural change and productivity growth in Botswana, in Structural change, fundamentals, and growth, eds. Margaret McMillan and Claudia Paz Sepulveda.

Milligan, K. and T. Schirle. 2016. Option Value of Disability Insurance in Canada Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: Disability Insurance Programs and Retirement. NBER Book Series. University of Chicago Press.

Milligan, K. and T. Schirle. Forthcoming. Health Capacity to Work at Older Ages: Evidence from Canada Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: The Capacity to Work at Older Ages. NBER Book Series. University of Chicago Press.

LCERPA Working Papers - 2016

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LCERPA Commentaries and Other Analysis

Arcila-Vasquez, A., A. Ferrer and T. Schirle. 2016 The gender wage gap and returns to skills: Evidence from Ontario. LCERPA Commentary No. 2016-2, April 2016.

Ensing, D. and T. Snoddon. 2016. "Canada's Climate Policy: Promises, Expectations and Practicalities." LCERPA Commentary No. 2016-1, February 2016.